Terms of Use

Our Fancy & Furry Pets Care specialize in providing very high quality short, medium, long-term accommodation for dogs and cats, day care facilities, Pet Taxi Services, Training and on site food and accessories shop. For us to deliver the highest possible quality of service and care for your pet, it is important for you to engage with us by agreeing to share and respect our core values and house rules it is implicit in your acceptance of our Membership offer, that you agree to abide by all the rules. which are as follows:

Terms and Conditions
Dress Code
All guests with four legs and bark must wear a flat, snap and buckle on collar with name tag when they’re with us .This is to make sure we don’t confuse them with look a likes. The municipality tag is breakable, so we recommend attaching it to the dog’s leash.

Guest safety and welfare is our number One priority. To make sure we have everything’s ready prior to your arrival we need you to complete a Guest profile so that our teams cab understands as much as possible about your pet’s character and needs. Aside from specific details, it is important that all guests are in good health when they come to us. They must not have had or been exposed to any contagious or communicable illness with 30 days prior to arrival and if there any sign of vomiting, coughing, gagging, sneezing, runny nose, inflamed /red eyes or diarrhoea, we’ll most likely ask you to come back when he/she has made a full recovery. We would also suggest that you don’t make reservation for any pet that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness- particularly if the condition is at an advanced stage. We cannot admit any pet with stitches, bandages, a cast, head cone, or splint. These pets have special needs that can be better meet in a veterinarian/hospital setting. Neither we accept any pet in season. If your pet does need regular medication, please make sure its clearly labelled with specific instructions so that we can maintain the routine. Our handlers will give your pet what ever oral medication it needs without charging you an extra fee. All visitors and guests must have up to date vaccinations (Rabies and DHPPI) as well as Kennel Cough vaccine. Evidence of sufficient protection from vaccines against Parvovirus, Hepatitis, and Distemper in particular, must be provided via a satisfactory Vacci check Antibody Titter Check. Cats
must have Tricat Trio vaccination. We also recommend routine de-worming and monthly flea and tick treatment. Please inform us of significant health issues and/or any change in your pet’s behaviour or routine. Your pet’s health is our priority and anything that you think might be relevant probably is.

All visitors need to undergo a behaviour and temperament assessment and we reserve the right to refuse entry. Admission will be possible when such dogs passed a behaviour assessment. 

We will do everything is within our power to ensure your pet kept safe while using our facilities. However, skirmishes sometimes breakout wherever dogs play together and socialise. In the unlikely event that this happen and requires a level of urgent specialist attention beyond that which we can provide in-house ,our team will arrange for your pet to be taken to your preferred veterinary practice. The likelihood is that well be able to contact you for permission prior to your dog being admitted for care, but if we are presented with an emergency where we do not have time to seek your approval, your veterinary surgeon’s decision will be final. We strongly suggest that you let your vet know that your dog is boarding with us so that the process is as smooth as possible id we need professional help. In such circumstances, it is each owner’s obligation to take the full responsibility for any vet costs incurred on behalf of their own dog. We do not accept any responsibilities for injuries or meeting the costs of their treatment and will expect you to sign a waiver absolving us from any liability as a condition of your membership.

Deposits & Payments
We expect to be paid for all our services before or upon delivery. In terms of boarding, all bookings need to be confirmed by payment of 50% of the total anticipated cost in advance. The balance must be paid upon check in or check out.

If any scheduled payment is not made, re reserve the right to cancel the arrangements without any notice. We aim to issue a relevant receipt for every payment, If we haven’t done so within 24 hours, let us know and well organise it straight way. For all boarding reservations of more than 10 days, an Aed:1000/- deposit be required to cover the incidentals such as food or unexpected bills from your chosen vet. Any unused portion of the deposit will be adjusted on your total bill at check out. If you would prefer to pay monthly in advance for our services, we need to confirm the arrangements in a standard document; to which we will need to attach copies at your Emirates ID and passport.

Cancellation If you cancel a boarding booking within Five days before your scheduled arrival (or don’t turn up at all) we may charge you 100% of the cost of the entire stay to cover the loss of business. If you cancel a boarding booking Seven days or more your scheduled arrival, any funds already paid at that point will be credited to your F&F Pets Care Account for future use. Cancellations must be communicated by email info@fancyfurrypetscare.net /care@fancyfurrypetscare.com call: 04- 832 – 2001.

If you choose to downgrade the booking that’s to say, reduce its total cost, you may charge you a modification fee of Aed: 100.
If you need to modify a booking mid stay and the charges increased the total cost of the booking, there will be no modification fee.

Food & Mealtimes
We highly recommend that your pet stick to its diet during its stay with us, and that you therefore bring the with you enough of its regular food when you to come to check in. This will help any pet with a sensitive tummy to feel even more at home. If you do not bring your own food. We will feed your pets Taste of the Wild or Royal Canin. We prefer to offer only dry rather then wet or canned food.

If you choose to follow our suggestions and provide your own food, we can store, freeze, refrigerate and microwave it as requested. We asked that you pre portion it in plastic bags, There is no charge for special food preparation, and you are also welcome to bring favorite treats from home that’s said please do not supply any treats that are made from rawhide or that may be considered a choking hazard. To be clear, in the absence of any specific dietary requests, we will offer our standard food and what we believe is the best for your pet. 

Ideally, we would like to your dog to adjust to our mealtime. Our guests have the options of being fed once, Twice or Three times a day. 

We recommend bringing your pets own bedding to help with settling in. Should your pup not have a bed or you forgot to bring it, its not the end of the world as we have a small number of loan beds, It might be best not to bring small toys that could produce a choke hazard or any with sentimental value as accident do occasionally happen. 

Check in open :10am-3pm whatever time you arrived; you’ll be charged for that night.

On check out day, If you pick before 3 pm you will not be charged for that day. It is always worth for asking a late check out. If you need because we understand circumstances can change for all sorts of reason. Should you be unable to meet the check in and check out times, please contact us so we may make an alternative plan.

All dogs stayed with us more than One week or more are treated to a complimentary wash before they leave us. If you feel they deserve additional pampering just say a word and well add the cost to your bill.

As with luxury hotel, Guests must service in our reception areas must be your First stop when you are arriving to drop off Day Care.

All Cats must be registered with us before they arrive to stay. All relevant vaccination must be up to date. We have Deluxe suites for single occupancy and Presidential suites for up to 5 cats from the same family. 

All our grooming facilities are available to all pets with valid vaccination documentations required. And do not require member ship. We cannot accept female dogs that are in season. You must make us aware of any skin conditions and bring along a medical report so that we can ensure that the conditions is neither contagious nor infectious. If you cannot do so we won’t be able to accept your dog from grooming until he or she has recovered fully.

Although our groomers are highly skilled experienced, we cannot take responsibility for any injury allergic reaction or illness sustained during grooming. Unless its clear that we done something wrong.

Banned breeds and pets with aggression issues must wear muzzle when they arrive for grooming. In the unlikely event that your pet display unacceptable or dangerous behaviour during grooming the groomer may feel it is necessary to end the session early. If that happens, the full fee will be payable even though the procedure has not been completed.

The welfare of your pet remains your responsibility during the grooming process, so it’s important that you send us an email in advanced detailing any relevant behavioural information, medical conditions, or unusual coat conditions. Medical reports must also be sent if you think they will help us provide the high-quality service upon which we pride ourselves.
Please note that severely matted dogs may not necessarily end up looking the way you want them to at the end of the grooming session. The groomer will contact you if matting is severe and discuss options. Once you give the groomer to go ahead. The outcome cannot be contested. If your dog arrives severely matted, we cannot get hold of you to discuss options, we will not proceed with the grooming treatment, but you will be charged for the service in full.

The Small Print 
Should your account remain in active for a period of 12 months, your membership will be cancelled, and you will be required to go through the process from the beginning, including paying the membership fee again.

We reserve the right to refuse to any of our facilities or services by any animal at any time without warning or reason.
We do not take responsibility for any damage caused or injuries caused to any animals in our care unless they are clearly caused by our negligence.

We do not take responsibility for any damage or injuries caused to any animals in our care unless they are clearly caused by our negligence. It is important to understand and accept that when the dog play in groups they may sustain minor
nicks, bruises, and scratches. If this happened, we would notify you immediately and provide whatever treatment is necessary at your cost. All members are required to provide a full medical history on their pets F’& F reserve she rights to
contact the nominated veterinary clinic to follow through on any information provided Clients are asked to authorize their clinic to cooperate with f&f should their risk to any other pets at the family.

Any rude or disrespect will not be tolerated, and although we do not take responsibility for insult or injury caused by, we do reserve the right to end your visit to the facilities if your behaviour becomes unacceptable.

In signing this Rules and conditions, I confirm I have read, understand, and agreed to abide by them. I also appreciate and accept that the rules may charge from time to time. I take full responsibility for my dog while he/she is staying or playing at the facilities.