We are the best dog grooming center in Dubai offering clipping, scissor work, ear cleaning, brushing, hand stripping, and more, keeping your canine friend clean and healthy. We provide the utmost care to your dogs taken by our professional and experienced groomers. At Fancy Furry Pet Care, we facilitate a strict policy where your furry companion will be treated like they are our own.

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Best Dog Grooming Center in Dubai! Offering Best for Your Pet!

Fancy Furry Pet Care is delighted to deliver the best dog grooming Dubai with expertise in dealing with all types of breeds. Our professional groomers are well-trained and able to provide multiple grooming services. Whether your furry friend requires a bath, simple nail trim, or full grooming, we offer the best quality services that cater to all breeds that best suit their lifestyle.

Our dog groomers in Fancy Furry Pet Care are dog enthusiasts, ensuring the welfare of their canine customers with top priorities. You will never find drying cabinets in our grooming center and we never cage your dog, they have a spacious playing area where they can spend their time. With a holistic approach to the best dog grooming Dubai, we ensure every dog that visits our grooming center will be treated as our own.

We offer comprehensive dog grooming services such as;

Bath and Dry
Clip and Scissors
Teeth Cleaning
Ear Cleaning
Nail Trimming
Hair Grooming

1 Day FREE daycare trail for new clients!
Reservation requared. Discount cannot be applied during peak periods.


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Fancy & Furry Pets Care stands out as the best dog grooming Dubai due to our personalised care and state-of-the-art facilities. We have a team of professional groomers dedicated to providing comprehensive grooming services that enhance the overall wellness of your canine companion.

As the best dog grooming center in Dubai, we use top-quality products in our dog grooming services delivering exceptional results. Our groomers are trained to manage all types of breeds irrespective of size with care and patience. Choosing us will offer your dog to receive the best grooming experience in Dubai.

We offer a wide range of grooming services in Dubai tailored to meet the needs of your dogs. We offer all types of treatments and grooming services that enhance the overall health and hygiene of your dog. We offer a dog-centric approach and attention to detail ensuring that your dog receives the best dog grooming Dubai.