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Fancy Furry Pet Care is one of the best dog training Dubai service providers. Our dog trainers in Dubai offer dog socialization classes, ensuring top-notch dog training services in Dubai. We provide professional dog trainers in Dubai to train your dogs with obedience at affordable prices
Successful training is a gratifying aspect of dog ownership, as well as a wonderful method for the two of you to interact and develop a positive relationship. Every dog, young or old, may benefit from learning some simple instructions.
Successful training is a gratifying aspect of dog ownership, as well as a wonderful method for the two of you to interact and develop a positive relationship. Every dog, young or old, may benefit from learning some simple instructions.

What are the benefits of training my dog?

Teaching your dog basic obedience, such as sit, wait, and come back when called, allows them to do activities they like, such as run off leash and accompany you to meet friends and family, while being safe and under control.
Furthermore, dogs are clever creatures who enjoy learning, so training may be an effective approach to keep them from becoming bored.

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Dog Training at Fancy Furry Pets Care

At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we recognize the value of a well-trained dog. That’s why we provide a variety of dog training services to assist your furry buddy become a well-behaved and obedient companion. Our dog training programs are geared to dogs of different ages, breeds, and temperaments, ensuring that each dog receives individualized attention and training based on their unique requirements.

  1. Experienced trainers: Our trainers are qualified experts who are enthusiastic about dogs and want to help them realize their full potential. They employ positive reinforcement strategies to teach dogs new behaviors and correct unwanted ones, making the training process both successful and fun for the dog.
  2. Customized Training Programs: We recognize that each dog is unique, therefore we provide customized training programs that are suited to each dog’s specific requirements and personality. Whether your dog need basic obedience training or has unique behavioral concerns that must be addressed, our trainers will design a curriculum to match their requirements.
  3. Positive Reinforcement: We believe in training dogs with positive reinforcement techniques, which entail rewarding good behavior rather than penalizing undesirable conduct. This strategy promotes a deep link between the dog and its owner, making the training process more successful and pleasurable for the dog.
  4. Ongoing Support: Our assistance does not stop after the training sessions are over. We offer continuing assistance and coaching to assist you in reinforcing the training at home, ensuring that the actions learnt during training sessions become engrained habits.
  5. Training for All Ages: Whether you have a puppy that needs to learn basic obedience skills or an older dog who needs assistance with behavioral concerns, our training programs are appropriate for dogs of all ages. We also provide specific training programs for adult and elderly dogs, ensuring that they receive the care and attention they require at all stages of life.
  6. Training for Specific Needs: In addition to basic obedience training, we provide training for aggressive behavior, anxiety, and fearfulness. Our trainers have extensive expertise dealing with a variety of behavioral difficulties and can assist your dog in overcoming these obstacles in a safe and effective manner.
  7. Fun and Engaging Environment: We think that training should be enjoyable and engaging for both the dog and its owner. That is why our training courses are held in a friendly and supportive environment that fosters learning and growth.

Top Training Tips

Learn new techniques in a quiet place to avoid distractions.  
•To avoid overwhelming your dog, divide training sessions into short, consistent intervals. 
•Be patient – dogs, like humans, learn at various speeds, so don’t be concerned if your dog doesn’t take things up right away. End each session with something your dog is familiar with to ensure a positive outcome. 
•Have fun! Training is an excellent way to bond with your dog!

Understand the Basics

Our guidance may teach you the fundamentals of dog training, but we also advocate dog training classes, particularly for more advanced approaches like clicker training.
If you are having troubles, get guidance from a competent behaviorist. They focus on behavioral disorders like as excessive barking, aggressiveness, destructiveness, and phobias. If you want further assistance, you can hire a dog training teacher at Fancy Furry Pets Care, Dubai for best training experience for your dogs.

Pet Grooming Dubai
Pet Groomers Dubai

Behavior Modification
at Fancy Furry Pets Care

Behavior modification is a systematic method for altering a dog’s behavior in response to specified stimuli. At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we use a variety of approaches, including desensitization and counterconditioning, to help dogs overcome behavioral challenges and promote good behavior.

Desensitization: it is the controlled and gradual exposure of the dog to a stimulus that elicits a negative reaction. By progressively increasing exposure while keeping the dog calm and comfortable, we hope to diminish their sensitivity to the stimuli and alter their reaction.
Counterconditioning: Counterconditioning is the process of converting a dog’s negative emotional reaction to a stimulus into a positive one. This is frequently accomplished by combining the stimulus with something nice, such rewards or praise, to establish a positive association.

Capturing: it is another strategy we utilize, in which we mark and reward a dog when they spontaneously accomplish a desired activity. For example, if we wish to train a dog to yawn on cue, we would mark and reward them for yawning on their own. With repetition, the dog learns to link the behavior with the reward and finally does it on cue.

At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we customize our behavior modification programs to match the unique needs of each dog. Our professional trainers work directly with dogs and their owners to address behavioral concerns and create long-term behavioral improvement.


Lastly, dog training at Fancy Furry Pets Care is intended to assist your dog become a well-behaved and obedient friend. Our skilled trainers, personalized training plans, and positive reinforcement strategies make the training process successful, entertaining, and suited to your dog’s individual requirements. Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, we have the experience and tools to help you reach your training objectives and create a strong relationship with your pet.

Best Obedience Training & Pet Socialization Classes for Pets in Dubai

We admire your dog for the wonderful beings they are and we want every dog to have a quality lifestyle. Our dog training services cater to your dog’s unique needs and we help you understand your dog’s behaviour, offering the best dog training Dubai to help them to an active lifestyle.

At Fancy Furry Pet Care, we promote dog socialization classes and gently introduce your puppies to other dogs and individuals to learn the importance of positive interactions. Our professional trainers in Dubai would like to help pet owners as well, we offer counselling to dog owners for the first time. Our comprehensive pet training services in Dubai include training puppies, teaching new tricks, and correcting their behaviour to prevent temperament issues. We offer customized training sessions focusing on breed specific classes ensuring separate training activities for your dog’s unique needs. At Fancy Furry Pet Care, our professional trainers teach pets social etiquette with dog socialization classes. Our comprehensive classes are an effective way to teach your pet reliable obedience suitable for indoor and outdoor, ensuring the perfect canine of the town.

Why rely on us?

Recall Training

Our professional trainer instructs your dog to respond promptly to the “Come” command.

Staying Training

Dogs trained by Fancy Furry Pet Care learn how to remain in a designated position while instructing them to stay, improving discipline in their life.


Our dog socialization classes make your dog not aggressive towards humans, other dogs, or animals. Our certified trainers promote custom-made training programs making pets well-mannered and obedient.

Sitting Training

We guide your dog to sit on command, enhance their responsiveness, and make them well-behaved canine companions.

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Fancy & Furry Pets Care is the best dog training Dubai service provider receiving positive results with a team of experienced trainers. We facilitate diverse strategies for our clients seeking basic obedience training or behaviour modification. With a comprehensive training program, we help your dog meet their individual needs and goals.

Enrolling in our dog socialisation classes is an essential way to promote healthy social development, build confidence, and avoid any behavioural issues. We offer classes with supervised interaction with other dogs in a controlled environment, allowing your pet to learn the necessary social skills and manners essential for their life.

Registering your dog for training sessions or socialization classes is very easy. Contact our customer services to inquire about the available programs and schedule a consultation. We offer comprehensive classes for behavioral issues, skill development, socialization, to achieve your training goals. 


We provide a range of dog training programs that are tailored to the specific needs of each dog. Our programs cover basic obedience, behavior management, puppy training, and specialist training for challenges including aggressiveness and anxiety.


Our dog training programs vary in length based on the dog’s requirements and training goals. We provide programs that last from a few weeks to many months, with the option of continuous assistance and training as needed.


We employ positive reinforcement training methods that reward dogs for good conduct rather than penalizing them for negative behavior. This strategy has been shown to be successful and compassionate, and it contributes to the development of a close link between the dog and their owner.

Yes, we have expert trainers that specialize in behavior modification and can assist with a wide range of behavioral issues like as aggressiveness, anxiety, fearfulness, and more. Our trainers will collaborate with you to create a personalized training plan that addresses your dog’s individual requirements.


Yes, we provide puppy training programs that assist puppies acquire fundamental obedience skills and socializing. Our puppy training classes are an excellent way to get your puppy started correctly and set them up for a lifetime of good behavior.