Boarding is not a stressful experience for your feline friend if they are provided with the safest hands like our professional pet care service provider. Fancy Furry Pet Care offers the best cat boarding Dubai with exceptional service, quality, and care, keeping pet owners focused on preparing for their next journey.

Pet Grooming Dubai
Pet Groomers Dubai

Fancy Furry Cat Boarding: A 5 Star Cat Hotel in Dubai!

If you are planning for your next trip and need a professional cat hotel in Dubai to leave your cat in someone else’s care? Fancy Furry Pet Store offers the best cat boarding Dubai. The old days of spending too much money on catteries or cat hotels Dubai are over. Now begins the best cat boarding Dubai for personalised cat daycare. Through Fancy Furry, a professional cat sitter will pamper your feline friend. What more do you need knowing that your cat is in the safest hands? Our cat minders in Fancy Furry Pet Care are trained with a pet sitter success program, where they earn all the knowledge to cater to your feline friends’ needs. As the best cat hotel Dubai, we offer comprehensive services for cat boarding. You can read our success stories from our pet owners’ testimonials before you book your appointment.

Still not certain! Feel free to meet our professional cat sitter. They will promptly address your queries. We don’t let your feline friend get bored in your absence Book now and give them the best cat boarding Dubai. 

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Fancy & Furry Pets Care offers high-class cat boarding facilities in Dubai with a safe, cozy, and stimulating environment for cats. Our comfortable accommodations along with dedicated caregivers ensure that your car gets the best cat boarding Dubai with us.

Fancy & Furry Pets Care a renowned cat hotel Dubai offers exceptional amenities with engaging playing areas for cats. We offer everything that satisfies your cat’s needs to feel pampered during their time of stay with us.

You can make a quick and simple booking at Fancy & Furry Pets Care for your cat. Simply reach out to our friendly staff and inquire about the availability to make a reservation. We can offer the highest level of care and attention for your cat while you are away.

Pet Grooming Dubai
Pet Groomers Dubai

Cat Boarding at Fancy Furry Pets Care

When it comes to choosing the ideal home for your feline companion while you’re away, Fancy Furry Pets Care provides high-quality cat boarding services in Dubai. Our cutting-edge cat hotel is designed to create a safe, comfortable, and exciting environment for your pet, making them feel perfectly at home.

What is
Cat Boarding?

Are you concerned about leaving your favorite pet at home alone? Tired of imposing on friends or relying on untrustworthy relatives to feed and spend quality time with your pet cat? Don’t worry anymore. Times have changed, and it is no longer enough to lay down litter, a dish of water, and dry food.

Cats are now treated as children and pampered as they deserve. Bringing your cat to a facility is becoming increasingly popular, and many owners notice how much better their pet performs after receiving exceptional enrichment and care from cat professionals.

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We’ll Care for Your Furry Friend
Just Like You Do

At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we recognize that your cat is more than simply a pet; it is a valued member of your family. That is why we are determined to provide the same amount of attention and compassion as you do.
Our cat boarding services in Dubai are designed to make it easy for you to discover the ideal temporary home for your kitty.
Whether you’re searching for a small, luxury hotel facility with comfortable rooms and attentive staff or a bigger center with a variety of facilities and services, we have a diverse choice of skilled experts and top-tier pet care providers to assure the greatest cat boarding experience in Dubai.

Traditional Boarding Facilities

Traditional cat boarding facilities operate similarly to hotels for cats, offering a variety of services and amenities to assure your pet’s comfort and well-being while you’re away. These facilities often provide:

Large living quarters with comfortable beds and litter boxes.
Regular feeding schedules with high-quality cat food.
Playgrounds and climbing structures provide exercise and excitement.
Dedicated staff members who keep track of your cat’s health and behavior.

Types of Cat Boarding

Luxury Cat Hotels

Luxury cat hotels are the pinnacle of elegance for pet lovers want to pamper their feline pals even further. These upscale facilities go above and above to give a luxurious experience for cats, offering:

Deluxe rooms have soft beds and private enclosures.
Gourmet dishes based on your cat’s tastes and nutritional requirements.
Spa services include grooming and massage treatments.
24/7 observation and individual care from skilled employees.
Silver Maple provides the best cat boarding in St. Louis, with a variety of classic and luxurious alternatives.

How Does Cat Boarding Work at Fancy Furry Pets Care?

Here’s a detailed guide for you to know everything about the cat boarding process at Fancy Furry Pets Care Dubai, we make sure to pamper your furry cats will all love and care.

Booking Process: Booking your cat’s stay at Fancy Furry Pets Care is a simple process.

Contact us: Contact our facility in advance to check availability and make a reservation.

Provide documentation: Submit all required papers, including proof of immunization and emergency contact information.

Choose Accommodation: Choose the best accommodation choice for your cat depending on their requirements and preferences.

Check-in Procedure: When your cat arrives at our facility, it will go through a check-in process, which includes:

Health Screening: A complete examination to verify that your cat is free of sickness and parasites.

Settling In: Your cat will be moved into their own living space, equipped with comfy bedding, food, and water.

Meet the staff: Introductions to the staff members that will care for them throughout their stay.
Daily program: While staying at our cat motel, your cat will follow a set daily program that includes:

Feeding: Feed your cat on a regular basis with high-quality cat food to maintain good health and nutrition.

Scheduled playtime and enrichment activities will keep children cognitively and physically occupied.

Health Monitoring: Constant monitoring of their health and behavior by attentive professionals trained to detect any indicators of suffering or pain.

Interaction with crew: Our committed crew offers individualized care and attention to each feline guest:

Regular check-ins: Ensuring your cat’s happiness and comfort during their stay.

Owner Communication: Staying in touch with pet owners by phone or email to offer updates on their cat’s health.

Responsive Care: Promptly responding to any concerns or inquiries you may have regarding your cat.

At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we focus your pet’s well-being and happiness by providing a loving and secure environment while you are away.


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Services Offered

  • Short-Term Boarding: Ideal for weekend getaways and short travels.
    • Long-Term Boarding: Perfect for lengthy holidays or business travel.
    • Special Needs Care: Tailored care for cats with certain medical or nutritional needs.

We provide grooming packages to pamper your cat throughout their stay

Affordable Cat
Boarding in Dubai

Are you looking for economical cat boarding alternatives in Dubai? Look no farther than Fancy Furry Pet Care! We make it simple to locate affordable, high-quality cat boarding providers that fit your requirements.

  1. Comprehensive listing: Our comprehensive list of pet care facilities and centers guarantees that you have a variety of economical choices to select from.
  2. Take advantage of special discounts and promotions from chosen businesses to maximize value for money.
  3. Quality Assurance: We research each facility to assure high-quality services at affordable pricing, providing you with piece of mind.
  4. Exceptional Care: We don’t compromise the quality of care for your cat. Our skilled staff is committed to delivering the finest possible care for your beloved kitty with possibly low charges.
    At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we think that every pet deserves the finest possible care, regardless of price. Book with us today to guarantee that your cat receives the finest possible care while you are away, without breaking the bank.
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Cat Grooming

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Are you ready to reserve your cat’s stay at our luxury cat boarding facility? Contact Fancy Furry Pets Care today to learn more about our services and arrange a tour of our cat motel. Allow us to offer your kitty buddy with the best care possible while you are gone.


We provide a variety of services, including cat boarding, grooming, playtime, and special dietary care. Our facilities are designed to provide your cat with a comfortable and pleasurable stay.

You may book our cat boarding services online or by phone. We recommend that you book in advance, especially during high seasons.

Our pricing varies according to the type of accommodation and duration of stay. We provide reasonable pricing and numerous promos to assure affordability. Please contact us for price details.

Yes, our facilities are outfitted with modern security systems and are routinely cleaned   and sanitized to guarantee the safety and well-being of all dogs.

We recommend bringing your cat’s favorite toys, blankets, and any special foods or medications they may require. This makes their stay more pleasant and familiar.