When you choose Fancy Furry Pet Care for Pet Boarding, you can be sure that your furry companions will have fun, care, and ultimate entertainment. Our experienced staff will make a maximum of your pet’s time enjoying, taking for walks, and running around parks, keeping them well-engaged in all activities. At Fancy Furry, we facilitate state-of-the-art kennels and catteries in multiple sizes and features, maximising comfort and happiness.

Delivering Premium Boarding Facilities in Dubai! Making Pet’s Happy.

Fancy Furry Pet Care is not a typical pet boarding facility, we ensure quality time, fun, and care for your pet in our boarding facility built to serve and support your furry friend’s health and well-being. Whether it is a business trip or vacation, you need to keep your pet in quality hands. Sometimes, the best option is to put your pet in the custody of professionals who are well-trained, especially for animal care. At Fancy Furry, we ensure that your pet will be monitored and supervised by highly talented professionals offering an in-home living experience. Placing your pet in our boarding facility provides a piece of mind knowing that your pet receives a custom custom-tailored boarding stay according to their personality. Our pet boarding facility in Dubai offers both daycare and overnight boarding, ensuring pet owners that we accommodate pets most efficiently.

We offer comprehensive dog grooming services such as;

Canine Boarding
Feline Boarding
Safety First
Spacious Play Yards
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Point 6

Why rely on us?

Canine Boarding

Our kennel facility ensures perfect surroundings for your canine companion. We offer spacious indoor and outdoor facilities with air-conditioned kennels. Our professional staff offers tender loving care for dogs, making them happy and healthy during their visit.

Feline Boarding

Our cattery services cater to all the needs of your pet. Our in-home boarding facility in Dubai ensures that your furry friend will be treated like family during your absence. We offer separate spaces for canines and take them to daycare all day rather than caging them in a cat hotel all the time.

Spacious Play Yards

We offer spacious indoor and outdoor playing areas, and climate-controlled rooms that incorporate flat-screen televisions, ensuring that our special guests receive enjoyable in-home experiences.

Safety First

A certified pet boarding facility ensures the overall health and safety of your pets. No one can love your pet like you do. But at Fancy Furry Pet Care, our mission is to show the same kindness to our guests, ensuring the highest safety like home.

1 Day FREE daycare trail for new clients!
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Pet Grooming Service


We are renowned as the best pet hotel Dubai, offering luxurious accommodations, attentive staff, and personalised care for pets of all sizes and breeds. We offer spacious suites, engaging activities, and round-the-clock supervision for both cats and dogs ensuring an enjoyable stay for your pet.

Fancy & Furry Pets Care has become the best pet’s boarding service in Dubai because of our professional caregivers and comprehensive amenities. We facilitate a home-like atmosphere for your pet with comfortable sleeping quarters and stimulating play areas while you are away.

We are facilitating a simple booking procedure; you can simply contact our friendly team to make your reservation. Being the best pet’s boarding service in Dubai, we offer the highest level of care and attention for your pet even if you go for a short trip or extended vacation.

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What is Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding is a service offered by establishments that provide temporary accommodation and care for pets while their owners are away. They offer a secure, pleasant, and entertaining environment for pets, assuring their well-being and happiness during their stay.

Pet boarding in Dubai includes basic boarding services including a secure and sanitary environment, regular feeding and exercise, and health and behavior monitoring. Other pet boarding places may provide additional amenities like playtime and personalized attention.

Types of Boarding

Overnight boarding is the most common type of pet boarding service, offering a safe and comfortable location for pets to sleep, eat, and play while their owners are away.

Daycare: Some pet boarding facilities include daycare services, allowing canines to mingle and play with other dogs in a safe setting.

Pet Boarding at Furry Fancy Pets Care

Furry Fancy Pets Care understands how upsetting it may be to leave your favorite pet behind when traveling. That’s why we provide complete pet boarding services that ensure your pets’ safety, comfort, and enjoyment. Whether you’ll be gone for a few days or a long time, you can count on us to look after your pet well.

At Fancy Furry Pets Care Dubai, pet hotel provides a comprehensive option for pet owners who need to travel but want to guarantee their pet animals are adequately taken care of. Pet hotels, such as Fancy Furry Spa in Dubai, provide skilled care, pleasant rooms, and a variety of entertaining activities to ensure your furry companions’ safety and enjoyment.

Why Should You Choose
Furry Fancy Pets Care for Boarding?

Experienced Staff: Our staff is made up of experienced specialists that are passionate about pets. They have handled a variety of breeds and temperaments, so your pet will receive specialized care and attention.

Safe Environment: Safety is our primary priority. Our facility is outfitted with secure cages, 24 hour surveillance, and a well-thought-out emergency plan. To avoid health risks, we keep the surroundings clean and hygienic.

Comfortable rooms: We offer large and comfortable rooms for your pet. Our boarding spaces are meant to seem like a home away from home, with comfortable bedding, climate control, and lots of natural light.

Regular Exercise and Playtime: Our safe outdoor and indoor play spaces will provide your pet with plenty opportunity for exercise and play. We provide a wide range of toys and activities to keep them amused and physically active.

Nutritious Meals: We recognize the value of a well-balanced diet. Our experts will follow your pet’s individual nutritional and feeding needs. We make sure to provide high quality food and fresh water for pets, we also accommodate special diet for pets on request.

Health & Wellness Monitoring: We regularly monitor the health and well-being of all boarded dogs. We do frequent wellness checks and keep complete records. If any health issues emerge, we have a veterinarian on call to give rapid care.

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Boarding Services

  1. Dog Boarding: We offer roomy kennels, daily walks, and supervised play sessions. Dogs are divided into groups based on their size and temperament to guarantee a joyful and safe experience.

  2. Cat Boarding: Private, multi-level condominiums provide cats with a relaxing, stress-free environment. Each cabin comes with comfy bedding, scratching posts, and interactive toys. Cats also get individual attention and playing.

    3. Small Animal Boarding: We accept tiny animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds. Enclosures are designed accordingly to meet specific needs, providing safe and comfy stay.

Additional Services

Grooming: We provide grooming services throughout your pet’s stay to ensure they return looking and feeling their best. Bathing, combing, and nail clipping are all part of our grooming services.


 Training: If you want to make the most of your pet’s boarding period, we offer training sessions led by our professional trainers. This may involve basic obedience, behavior modification, and other training programs.

Special Care: We offer specialized care programs for dogs with medical issues or unique requirements. Our team is certified to give medications, monitor specific diets, and offer any other care your pet requires.

Spacious Playing Yards: Fancy Furry Pets Care understands how important it is to provide your pets with large play yards. Our play yards are intended to allow your pets lots of space to run, play, and interact with other pets. We put safety and cleanliness first in our play yards, ensuring that pets have a pleasant and healthy environment to enjoy throughout their time with us.

Accessibility: Owners may typically monitor the play yards from a viewing area or via webcams, letting them to keep an eye on their pets and see how much fun they are having.

Specialized Areas: Certain play yards may be designed for certain sorts of pets or activities. There may be a separate section for tiny pets, perhaps a water feature for pets who enjoy playing in water.


In the end, the vast play yards at Fancy Furry Pets Care are intended to give pets with a pleasant and safe environment in which to exercise, interact, and spend time away from home.


Cat Grooming

Booking and Preparations

How to Book: Booking your pet’s stay at Furry Fancy Pets Care is easy. You can make a reservation online, via phone, or by coming to our facilities in person. We recommend that you book in advance, especially during high travel seasons.

What to Bring for Pet Boarding:

• Provide current immunization records and pertinent medical information.
• We offer high-quality pet food, but you are free to bring your pet’s preferred treats.
• Use familiar objects like a blanket, toy, or bedding to make your pet feel more at home.
• If your pet requires medicine, please bring explicit instructions and a sufficient supply throughout their stay.
Preboarding Visit: We recommend a pre-boarding visit to acquaint your pet with our staff and facilities. This reduces anxiety and facilitates a smoother transition during their stay.

What You Should Know About Pet Boarding Requirements

Furry Fancy Pets Care provides a secure and pleasurable care for your pets while you are away. To guarantee that your pet receives the finest possible care, you must first understand our boarding standards. These standards contribute to a healthy and safe environment for every pet at our facility.

Vaccine Requirements

Vaccinations keep your pet and others safe from infectious illnesses. They are critical to maintaining a healthy boarding environment.

Required vaccinations for dogs include rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), Canine Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Leptospirosis.
– Cats: Feline Panleukopenia Virus (FPLV) and Feline Herpesvirus Type 1 (FHV-1).

Please provide current vaccination certificates before to your pet’s stay. This documentation guarantees that all pets are protected

Health and Safety Regulations

Veterinary Care: Our institution works with skilled veterinarians to treat health issues swiftly. This guarantees that all pets receive proper medical care whenever necessary.

Sanitation Protocols: We follow high cleanliness standards, including frequent cleaning and appropriate waste disposal, to avoid the spread of bacteria and promote a healthy atmosphere.

We employ microchip scanning to properly identify and monitor boarded dogs, assuring their safety and security.


Our socialization program promotes a stress-free environment for dogs. To help ensure safe interactions, our staff distributes toys and rewards.

Crate Training:
Understanding and executing crate training may help lessen separation anxiety and make your pet feel safe in a limited environment.

Leash Walking and Noise Control:
To ensure that all pets are peaceful and comfortable, we follow stringent leash walking and noise control requirements.

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Choosing the Proper Facility:

Choose a reliable pet boarding facility, such as Furry Fancy Pets Care Dubai, that is licensed and offers a wide range of services, including exercise, meal preparation, and medical care.

Vaccinations & Flea Control:
Prior to boarding, make sure your pet’s vaccines are up to date and give him flea control medications. Most institutions need confirmation of immunization and flea treatment.

Cost planning:
Budget for boarding expenses, including any additional services like as grooming or specific food requirements. Inquire about payment arrangements.

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Selecting a Suitable Facility

Select institutions with skilled professionals that offer exceptional care in a secure and comfortable environment. Visit possible places to make sure they fulfill safety regulations and your pet’s requirements.

Consider facilities that provide additional services, including as grooming, training, fun, and childcare.

Research and compare boarding facilities to find the best option for your pet’s needs and budget.

of Mind

Leaving your pet in someone else’s care is a big decision. At Furry Fancy Pets Care Dubai, we try to create a caring and nurturing atmosphere in which your pet may feel safe and happy. Our objective is to make sure that you and your pet have a stress-free experience.
Please contact us immediately for more information or to schedule a stay for your pet. We look forward to giving your pet a pleasant boarding experience!

Understanding and following to Furry Fancy Pets Care’s pet boarding rules will ensure your pet’s safety, health, and enjoyment during their stay. With adequate planning and cautious selection of a respected facility, you may have peace of mind knowing their loved one is in right hands when you’re away


You can make a reservation online, via phone, or by coming to our facilities in person. We recommend that you book in advance, especially during high travel seasons so that you may have a hustle free experience.

Bring your pet’s vaccinations documents, any medications, usual food and treats, and familiar objects like blankets or toys to make them feel at ease and to make staff more sure about your pets requirements.

For additional information or to plan a stay, please visit our website or call our facility. Our team would be pleased to answer any questions you have and assist you with your reservation.

Please notify us if your pet has any particular medical needs. Our employees are trained to dispense prescriptions and give any essential care. We also have a veterinarian on call in case of an emergency.


We maintain stringent cleanliness requirements, such as frequent cleaning and appropriate trash disposal. Our facility is additionally outfitted with 24-hour surveillance and secure cages to maintain a safe atmosphere.