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Fancy Furry Pet Care is one of the most renowned pet relocation Dubai offering a wide spectrum of relocation services including pet transport, pet export and import, and animal relocation. With excellent industry expertise in pet relocation in Dubai, we transport our pet friends in a safe and peaceful environment. Paying close attention to the comfort journey, we can relocate your furry friends happily to their destinations.

Pet Grooming Dubai
Pet Groomers Dubai

Professional Pet Relocation Services Dubai: Transport Your Pets Safely Worldwide

At Fancy Furry Pet Care, we have a professional team of pet movers in Dubai offering exceptional assistance for pet transportation within the UAE and all around the globe. Our best pet relocation services Dubai help you ensure that your pet receives a smooth and comfortable travel experience.
We take every step seriously and adhere to proper documentation and regulations that are essential for international pet relocation services. Our best dog relocation Dubai services guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for your dog throughout UAE and beyond. Having excellent track records of relocating thousands of animals to more than 100 destinations worldwide, we have become a popular choice for international pet relocation services in Dubai. Your pet’s welfare is our important priority and we demonstrate this standard in our safe and comfortable transportation.
All animals coming to the UAE must arrive in cargo. At Fancy Furry Pet Care, we have an excellent network of international cargo service partners, making us a leading pet mover in the UAE. On your pet’s arrival in the UAE, we assist in completing all customs clearance formalities and collect the pet from the airport to conveniently deliver to its owners.

What is Pet Relocation?

Pet relocation, often known as pet transportation or relocating, is the act of safely and effectively transporting pets from one area to another. This service is vital for pet owners who are relocating to a new city, nation, or continent and want to guarantee their dogs arrive safely and pleasantly. Pet relocation might include dogs, cats, birds, and even exotic creatures. To comply with different rules and safeguard the pets’ well-being, the procedure must be carefully planned and coordinated.

Pet Grooming Dubai
Pet Groomers Dubai

What is Pet Shipping?

Pet shipping is the process of transferring pets from one area to another, usually across large distances, via air, road, or sea. This service is crucial for pet owners who are relocating, adopting a pet from afar, or need to transport their pet to another region for whatever reason. Pet shipping requires careful preparation and coordination to assure the creatures’ safety, comfort, and well-being throughout the journey

Important Steps for Pet Shipping

  1. Pre-Shipping Preparation

  • Health Check: Pets require a veterinary health check and vaccinations before traveling. This involves ensuring that all vaccines are up to date and receiving a health certification.

    • Microchipping and Identification: Microchipping pets for identification and wearing a collar with an ID tag is recommended.

  • Important documents for travel include health certificates, immunization records, and destination-specific paperwork.

    2. Selecting the Shipping Method

  • Long-distance pet shipping typically involves air travel. Airlines have unique restrictions and services for pet travel, and they frequently provide customized cabins.

  • Road transport is ideal for shorter trips and entails employing pet-safe and comfortable cars.

  • Sea transport is a less typical alternative for relocations, especially for island sites.

  1. Choosing a Pet Shipping Service

  • Professional firms specialize in pet shipping and handle all elements, including documentation and travel arrangements.

  • Research and reviews: Choose a reliable provider with positive ratings and a track record.

  1. Travel Arrangements

  • Pets are carried in secure and comfortable cages that satisfy International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards. These boxes should be large enough to let the pet stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

  • Pets should be hydrated and fed on a regular basis to reduce the risk of motion sickness when traveling.

  1. During transit

  • Prioritize the pet’s comfort and safety. This includes adequate ventilation, temperature regulation, and stress reduction.

  • Some providers include tracking and updates on the pet’s status throughout journey.

  1. Arrival and Post-Shipping: 

  • Customs and Quarantine: Pets may require customs clearance and quarantine depending on their location. Compliance with rules in the target country is critical.

  • Post-Arrival Care: Upon arrival, pets should have a veterinarian check-up to verify they are healthy and have not been impacted by the journey.

The Benefits of Certified Pet Shipping Services

  • Expert Handling: Professionals understand legislation, airline norms, and logistics for pet transportation.
    • Stress Free: Specialists handle all aspects, minimizing stress for pet owners.

    • Comfort and Safety: Prioritize pet safety and comfort throughout travel.

Challenges and

  • Cost: Pet shipping may be costly, especially for overseas trips. Travel cages, veterinarian bills, transportation fees, and customs duties are all included in the costs.

  • Regulations and Restrictions: regulations limits on pet imports differ per country, including breed restrictions, health standards, and quarantine rules. It is critical to be well-informed and prepared.

  • Stressful: Pets may feel stress and anxiety due to changes in their surroundings and habit. It is critical to provide reassurance and comfort before to, during, and following the transfer.

To summarize, pet shipping is a complicated operation that needs thorough preparation and coordination to ensure the safe and comfortable transportation of pets. Professional pet shipping services can make the procedure go much more smoothly, giving pet owners peace of mind and ensuring that their dogs arrive healthy and happy.

Why Should I Choose Fancy Furry Pets Care?

Trusted Network
Pet relocation is a high-touch industry that requires skilled and qualified professionals to transport pets across great distances. We’ve developed personal ties with trustworthy vendor partners all around the world, and we make certain that the people we select to help you relocate your pets fulfill the criteria that promote safe pet transportation. Some of our clients’ strongest praise mentions our global partners, who are critical to making these travels possible.

 Love for Your Pets
We develop solid ties with our consumers. Some people send us images of their pets even after they’ve relocated. We always speak simply and honestly, because everything is expected to go exactly as planned. We’ll keep you updated and informed throughout the procedure.

Services Assistance
We oversee every stage of the process, from verifying correct veterinarian standards to submitting import applications and selecting flight routing and will keep you updated along the way. Our pricing reflects the excellent quality of care and service we offer.

A Top-Notch Team
Our personnel care deeply about animals. We have dogs at the office. We volunteer at rescues. We contribute to pet-related causes. Our teams are destination-specific, so you get a specialized staff with localized understanding.

Quality over quantity.
We want each pet and family to have the greatest possible moving experience. It’s why we sound a large bell at the office whenever a pet and its owner are reunited! And this is why we restrict the amount of monthly movements we handle.


Deep Experience
Fancy Furry Pets Care has significant expertise with pet migration and has seen it all. We transport hundreds of pets each year and keep up with ever-changing import requirements and airline regulations, so you don’t have to. If we don’t know anything, we know where to look for answers. Trust Fancy Furry Pets Care to provide unparalleled experience and understanding throughout your pet’s journey.


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Pet Relocation at Furry Pet Care Dubai

Fancy Furry Pets Care in Dubai provides complete pet relocation services that provide a stress-free shift for your cherished pets. Our devoted team of specialists manages every part of the relocation process, ensuring that your pets arrive securely and pleasantly at their new home.

Our pet relocation services include the following:

1. Initial Consultation and Planning:
• Personalized Consultation: We start with a full consultation to establish your individual needs and preferences, including destination, timeframe, and any special requirements for your pet.

  • Custom Relocation Plan: Based on conversation, we create a comprehensive plan that includes all parts of the trip, ensuring no detail is missed.

  1. Health & Documentation:

  • Our partner vets do complete health checks to ensure your pet is ready for travel. This involves renewing vaccines and administering any necessary treatments.

  • Documentation Assistance: We handle all necessary paperwork, including as health certificates and immunization records, for the target country. Our staff enforces international pet travel restrictions.

  1. Travel Arrangements:
  • Secure Travel cages: We supply IATA-approved cages that are adequately designed for your pet’s comfort and protection during the voyage.

  • We arrange flights with pet-friendly airlines and provide secure ground transportation in climate-controlled cars.

  1. Pre-trip Preparation:

  • Acclimatization: We give ideas to assist your pet adjust to their travel crate and prevent stress throughout the voyage.

  • Guidelines for feeding and hydrating pets before travel to maintain their comfort and health.

  1. During transit:
  • Our crew checks your pet’s well-being during the travel. We work with airlines and transportation firms to meet any in-transit needs.

  • We emphasize your pet’s comfort and safety by providing sufficient ventilation, temperature management, and minimizing stress during the travel.

  1. Arrival and post-relocation services

  • Customs and Quarantine: We help with customs clearance and quarantine to ensure a smooth entrance process at the destination.

  • Our home delivery service ensures your pet arrives safely at your new home.
    • We propose a post-arrival check-up with a local veterinarian to guarantee your pet’s adjustment and health.

Additional Support Services

  • We provide secure and pleasant boarding facilities for pets between move-out and move-in dates, ensuring their well-being.
  • Regular updates on your pet’s status give peace of mind.

Both you and your pet may experience difficulties when relocating. At Fancy Furry Pets Care Dubai, we strive to make the procedure as simple and stress-free as possible, ensuring that your furry pet arrives at their new home happy and healthy.

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Fancy Furry Pets Care understands that your pets are valued parts of your family. Our extensive pet shipping services are intended to make their travel as safe, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. With our experienced personnel, individual service, and attention to detail, you can be confident that we will manage every element of your pet’s move with care and expertise.

Whether you’re relocating across the nation or around the world, Fancy Furry dogs Care is there for you and your dogs every step of the journey. Contact us today to see how we can assist make your pet’s travel experience smooth and joyful.

Fancy Furry Pets Care – Your Reliable Partner in Pet Relocating.


The timing for pet migration might vary substantially based on the destination, necessary vaccines, and documents. To guarantee that all standards are satisfied, start the procedure at least a few months ahead of time.

Costs might vary greatly based on the distance of the transfer, the size and type of the pet, and the level of assistance needed. Veterinary bills, travel cages, transportation, and moving business service fees may all be considered expenses.

Most common pets, such as dogs and cats, may be moved. However, depending on the destination country, certain exotic pets, birds, or reptiles may encounter extra requirements and limitations.

A health certificate, immunization records, an import permission for the destination country, and any other papers required by airlines or transportation providers are common required documents.


Transportation, veterinarian inspections, collecting relevant travel documentation (such as health certificates and import licenses), quarantine preparations (if necessary), and support with acclimating your pet to their new surroundings are all examples of pet relocation services.



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Before the journey starts, we feed the pet and conduct a thorough vet check-up to ensure your pet’s health condition. Unfortunately, there will be no one at the cargo to assist your pet since it is strictly not allowed.

We do not rent pet crates except in Dubai since the shipment cost may vary in different Emirates that exceed the value of our crate. Being one of the best pet relocation services Dubai we ensure that your pet will be relaxed in their travel on our crate that does not have residual scent from other animals previously moved in the crate. Even so, we recommend it is better to provide new crates for each pet for their comfort.

Before you start your journey, contact us and book your appointment as soon as possible. Our professional pet relocation service providers will work closely with you to arrange all necessary documentation and help you choose the most reliable option for your pets.