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Pet Care & Pet Sitting Services
At Fancy Furry Dubai

Welcome to Fancy Furry Pets Care, your reliable partner for pet care services in Dubai. Our love of pets inspires us to deliver exceptional services such as grooming, boarding, daycare, training, relocation, and more. With licensed specialists committed to your pet’s health, we guarantee the same love and care as if they were our own.
At Fancy & Furry Pets Care, we provide extensive on-site services to ensure your furry pets enjoy a fun, nutritious environment while you’re gone. Your pet’s safety and happiness are our top priority, giving you piece of mind.

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Why Pet Care Is Important for Pet Owners?

Pet maintenance is really important for a variety of reasons. First, it has a direct influence on the pet’s health and longevity. Proper treatment may help avoid common diseases, handle health concerns quickly, and provide a greater quality of life. Second, diligent care increases the emotional relationship between pets and their owners, which is beneficial to both. Pet owners benefit from companionship, less stress, and improved mental health. The security of a loving household and the confidence that their needs are addressed help pets’ mental well-being.

Understanding Pet Care

Pet care is more than just feeding and sheltering our furry, feathered, or scaly pals. It is about recognizing a pet’s whole requirements, which include physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Regular health checks, correct feeding, exercise, social connection, and grooming are all part of good pet care. It is a commitment that lasts the pet’s whole life, adjusting to their changing demands as they mature. Understanding pet care requires acknowledging that pets are sentient animals with unique personalities, interests, and needs. It is about establishing a loving atmosphere in which they may thrive rather than simply endure.


Pet Grooming Dubai
Pet Groomers Dubai

Our Impact

Fancy Furry Pet Care takes pride in being Dubai’s best pet care service provider, delivering not only great pet care services but also a comprehensive selection of high-quality pet care products. Our holistic approach to pet care distinguishes us as a trustworthy provider in Dubai.
We recognize the significance of keeping your pet healthy and happy, which is why we provide a wide choice of items like as grooming tools, food, and more. Our goods are carefully selected to fulfill the highest quality requirements, guaranteeing that your pet receives the finest possible care.

Whether you’re searching for grooming items to keep your pet looking good or nutritious food to maintain their health, Fancy Furry Pet Care offers everything you need to keep your furry buddy happy and healthy all year.

Our Mission

Fancy Furry Pet Care’s objective is to provide a broad assortment of premium pet goods, including diets that include all your pet’s important nutrients. We take pleasure in procuring our goods from natural and sustainable sources, so your pet gets the finest care possible.
We pledge to carefully curate our product range, choosing only the greatest quality things for your pet. We realize the significance of keeping your pet clean and healthy, therefore we emphasize safe and effective products. With Fancy Furry Pet Care, you can be confident that your pet is receiving the best care possible.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Our team is experienced and professionally trained to offer exceptional care for your pets.
    • Personalized Care: We recognize that each pet has distinct needs and personalize our services accordingly.
    • peace of mind: Fancy Furry Pets Care provides peace of mind for pet owners. We give regular updates and contact so you can keep in touch with your pets while you’re gone.

We Treat Your
Pets Like Family

Whether you have a dog, cat, or small animal, Fancy Furry Pets Care is here to provide your pets the love and attention they need. Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you care for your pets.
At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we treat your dogs like they are members of our own family. Our experienced crew recognizes the value of providing a caring and safe home for your pets. We endeavor to make our guests feel at ease and cared for from the moment they come through our doors. Our professional staff members are enthusiastic about animals and go above and beyond to guarantee that your pets receive the best possible care and attention. Whether they come for grooming, boarding, daycare, training, or any other service, we provide each pet the love and respect they deserve.
We feel that pets are more than simply animals; they are valued members of the family. That is why we vow to treat your dogs as if they were our own, giving them the greatest possible care and making their stay with us as pleasurable and comfortable as possible.

Particular Attention
for Senior Pets

Fancy Furry Pets Care notice the demands that might alter dramatically as pets become older. Senior pets may require additional attention, specific foods, and changes to their exercise regimens to meet their aging bodies.

Adjusting Care
for Aging Pets

Maintaining a high quality of life for elderly pets entails more than just their physical health; it also entails ensuring they continue to get mental stimulation, affection, and attention. Tailoring activities to their evolving skills, such as shorter, more frequent walks or mild play, can help keep them involved and satisfied.

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Our Services

  • Professional Pet grooming services to pamper your dogs. From baths to haircuts, we’ll keep your pets looking and feeling great.

  • Boarding: Traveling out of town? Leave your pet with us for a safe and happy stay. Our boarding facilities are intended to keep your pets happy and comfortable.
  • Training Program: Our training programs may address behavioral concerns or teach your pet new talents.
  • Pet products: Stock up on food, toys, grooming products, and accessories.
  • Pet Sitting: expert pet sitters are available to check on your pets while you are away or during the day. Our pet sitters are here to provide love and care to your pets.
  • Dog Walking: We provide dependable dog walking services to keep your pet buddy active and healthy. Our expert dog walkers will make sure your dog receives the exercise and care they require.
  • Pet Taxi: Do you need help bringing your pet to the vet or groomer? Our pet transportation service is ready to assist. We will carry your pet securely and comfortably to its destination.
  • In-Home Care: For pets that prefer to stay at home, we provide in-home pet care services. While you’re gone, our pet sitters will give your pet with food, drink, exercise, and lots of love and attention.

Recognizing Signs of
Aging and Related Health Concerns

Understanding the indications of aging and potential health concerns in dogs is critical for early identification and treatment. Changes in behavior, exercise level, hunger, or toilet habits may all suggest underlying health issues that require treatment.

Improve the Quality
of Life for Senior Pets

Senior pets may acquire age-related health problems such as arthritis, hearing or vision loss, and cognitive decline. Adapting their surroundings to make it more accessible, such as installing ramps or orthopedic beds, can help them stay comfortable and mobile. Regular veterinarian check-ups become even more important for monitoring and managing these illnesses.

Call us in 09:00 - 07:00

054 279 8816

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About Pet Sitters

Firstly, all candidates must complete a necessary background check. This includes a comprehensive assessment of their criminal background to ensure that they have no history of violence or criminal activity that might endanger your pets.

Candidates who pass the background check go through an in-depth interview procedure. During this interview, we examine their animal experience, pet care expertise, and overall disposition. We aim to ensure that our pet sitters and dog walkers are not only certified, but also sensitive and kind people who will treat your pets as if they were family.

Finally, candidates must supply all requested personal information, including contact information, references, and confirmation of identity. This helps us verify identity and ensure us about the accuracy of employee records.

By following to these high requirements, we can ensure that our pet sitters and dog walkers are dependable, trustworthy, and dedicated to delivering the finest care for your dogs. When you pick Fancy Furry Pets Care, you can be confident that your furry pals are in capable care.

Trust and safety

Trust and safety are our primary objectives at Fancy Furry Pets Care. To guarantee the safety of your precious pets, all our pet sitters and dog walkers are thoroughly vetted. This involves completing a necessary background check to demonstrate their dependability and trustworthiness.

In addition, each candidate must undergo a comprehensive interview process. This allows us to evaluate their expertise, education, and, most importantly, their commitment to animal care. We aim to guarantee that our team members are not just qualified but also sympathetic, treating your dogs with the highest care and respect.

we are committed to Dubai Municipality – Pet Control Department instructions.

Empowering Pet
Owners to embrace sustainability

By complying to these stringent requirements, we can ensure your dogs’ safety and security. When you pick Fancy Furry Pets Care, you can be assured that your pets will be in skilled and caring care.

At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we recognize the significance of sustainability in caring for our pets and the planet. That is why we are dedicated to assisting pet parents in making environmentally responsible decisions for their animal pets.

One way we support sustainability is by providing environmentally friendly pet care solutions. We provide items that are both environmentally friendly and safe for your pets, like recyclable waste bags and natural and organic pet food. Our staff also teaches pet owners about sustainable pet care procedures. We provide suggestions for lowering your pet’s carbon footprint, including as selecting items with little packaging and utilizing eco-friendly grooming products. By adopting little adjustments in our everyday habits, we can all help to create a better world for future generations.


At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we are committed to assisting pet parents in making sustainable decisions that benefit both their pets and the environment. Join us in our goal to ensure a more sustainable future for every animal, large and small.


At Fancy Furry Pets Care, we think that pet ownership is a journey of love, responsibility, and a strong link between humans and animals. “The Importance of Pet Care” goes beyond addressing necessities to nurture all area of a pet’s existence, from physical health to mental well-being.

Encourage Responsible and Loving Pet Ownership

Pet ownership is a luxury that entails the duty to offer full care. This involves correct nourishment, routine veterinary checkups, mental stimulation, and emotional support. By prioritizing these areas, we guarantee that our dogs have the greatest possible life.

The Impact of Comprehensive Pet Care

Comprehensive pet care not only improves our pets’ lives, but also helps to build a more compassionate society. Pets teach us devotion and affection, and in exchange, they provide companionship that may transform our lives.

Our Pets Deserve Better

Let’s consider how we care for our dogs. Are we showing them the love and care that they deserve? Do we prioritize their well-being? Pet care is a lifetime commitment that brings us joy, affection, and the satisfaction that we are making a difference in our dogs’ lives.

Whether you’re a long-time pet owner or thinking about getting a new pet, remember that pet care is a worthwhile endeavor. Let us commit to be the greatest pet owners we can be, enhancing the lives of both our pets and ourselves.


Fancy Furry Pets Care provides a wide range of pet care services, including pet sitting, dog walking, training, and grooming.

Yes, all our pet sitters and dog walkers receive training to guarantee they give the best care for your pets.

Fancy Furry Pets Care prioritizes safety and requires all pet sitters and dog walkers to pass background checks and interviews before being employed.

You may request a specific pet sitter or dog walker when scheduling a service with Fancy Furry Pets Care on basis of availability.

Fancy Furry dogs Care welcomes dogs with needs or limitations. Please notify us when you reserve a service so that we may make suitable arrangements.

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Our Pet Sitting, Daycare, Training service

Pet Grooming

We offer professional pet grooming services in Dubai to keep your furry friend clean and healthy.


Our pet training helps you maintain a good relationship with your pets and learn their behavioral patterns.

pet taxi

We have a fleet of premium temperature controlled cars that provide the highest standards of safety for your dog.

Pet Relocation

a wide spectrum of relocation services including pet transport, pet export and import, and animal relocation.

Pet Boarding

Cat boarding is a brand new cat boarding concept for your favourite little prince or princess. Featuring spacious towers and luxury play areas.​


Daycare is not only an excellent option for busy households, but it is also the best way to keep your furry family member socialised.

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