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Pet Daycare

Modern dogs sometimes spend extended amounts of time indoors without care, activity, or stimulation. Their owners work and travel more, family obligations take precedence, and dogs are occasionally left to their own devices. Loneliness, boredom, and fear of abandonment cause stressful behavioral issues that impact us all. Pet daycare is an excellent solution to these challenges and can transform many families’ lives. Investing in pet daycare does more than simply provide a place for your dog to stay while you are away; it also enriches their life and improves their general well-being. The good influence on your dog’s behavior, health, and happiness will improve your overall quality of life.

The Transformational Power of Pet Daycare

Pet daycare is an effective answer to these issues by creating a controlled and supportive environment in which dogs can thrive. Here’s how pet daycare may improve the lives of both pets and their owners:

1. Consistent care and supervision.
2. Engaging activities and exercise
 3. Providing mental stimulation and socialization
4. Reduced Separation Anxiety
5. Peace of Mind for Owners
6. Better behavior at home

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Is It Time?

Have you ever considered if pet daycare would be beneficial for your pet? Consider how your pet behaves. Do they show any indicators of separation anxiety, such as destructive behavior, pacing, crying/barking, or home soiling? If you’ve checked out any medical illnesses that may be causing these symptoms, your pet could benefit from some additional assistance.

Premier Pet Daycare in Dubai

Are you looking for a dependable pet daycare near me? Fancy Furry Pet Care is the finest destination for luxury pet daycare in Dubai. Fancy Furry Pet Care, a prominent supplier of pet care services, ensuring that your cherished pets receive the finest quality of care in safe, engaging and fun environment.

A Perfect Balance

Young pets and high-energy breeds require continuous, strenuous exercise, and many owners struggle to meet these demands with their hectic schedules. That is alright! Pet daycare offers limitless options for stimulation, exercise, and interaction. What is the best part? When you come to take them home after a hard day, they are eager to unwind and spend time with their favorite person.

Details and Outcomes

Pet daycare is there when you need it the most. Whether it’s every day while you’re at work, when you have a visitor, during a party or event, or when your pet just has a lot of energy to burn, daycare can be the ideal option. It is also a great add-on option for boarding visitors.

Fancy Furry Pets Care provides flexible daycare alternatives suited to your specific needs. Choose between half-day (up to six hours) and full-day (more than six hours) pet daycare. Save money by ordering a bundle of ten visits—your pet will thank you!

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Pet Groomers Dubai

Why Should I Choose
Fancy Furry for Daycare?

– Expert Employees: Our experienced specialists give each pet the best care and attention possible.

– Advanced Facilities: Our spacious and clean premises provide a secure and enjoyable environment for your pet.

– Customized Attention: We attend to each pet’s specific needs, ensuring they receive the finest possible care.

Fancy Furry Pets Care is the top choice for pet daycare in Dubai. Allow your pet to play, socialize, and remain active in a loving and safe environment.

Explore the Difference

If you’re looking for a reputable pet daycare near me, Fancy Furry Pets Care is the finest choice in Dubai. We provide excellent care and a fascinating environment for your pet. Enroll your precious buddy now and see the difference that professional pet daycare can make.

What to Expect

During their time with us, your pet will meet a variety of different creatures and people, which will improve their social skills, confidence, and trust. We take their feelings seriously and work hard to ensure that each guest has a meaningful, good experience.
They will have plenty of free time with their friends, organized play, training/skill development, snacks and treats, nap time, and one-on-one attention from our staff. When owners come, they are often pleasantly pleased by their pet’s good conduct and temperament.

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Tips and Advice:

Preparing for a Successful Transition

First, do not panic and make any hasty judgments that will be difficult to reverse. Pets, like humans, are adaptive. They can learn to accept even significant changes in their everyday life if they feel they are still loved.
Next, discuss your specific issues with your veterinarian or a qualified behaviorist. If you’re returning to work outside the house, keep in mind that your pet may also want assistance adjusting to the shift. Now may be an excellent time to investigate the advantages of pet daycare or regular visits with a pet sitter, both as a proactive support system during this difficult transition phase and for your pet’s long-term health and socialization requirements.


When it comes to finding the proper daycare solution for your pet, there are several options to consider, ranging from pet daycare franchises with sites across Dubai like Fancy Furry Pets Care to individual operators, allowing you to discover just what you and your pet require.

Pet Daycare & More

We feel that having a pet daycare under the same roof as your doctor is an important aspect. If your pet becomes ill or injured while at our pet daycare, we can assist promptly.
The ability to view and treat visitors in the daycare provides peace of mind to pet owners who are concerned about their best friend’s health and welfare.

Is Your Dog Prepared for Daycare?

Finding a daycare that is a suitable fit for your dog takes investigation and perhaps some detective work. But, before you start looking into pet daycare choices, make sure your pet is ready for the shift.

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How Well-Socialized is Your Pet?

Many plague puppies have lost out on the essential first year of socialization as a result of social gathering bans and dog park closures. And, like people, even dogs that are used to being with others may be out of practice after so many months.
If your dog is uncomfortable among other dogs, daycare may be unpleasant and harmful for both your dog and the other puppies. To test the waters and prepare your pet, introduce your dog to other dogs and larger groups – at reopened dog parks or even a backyard meet-up with pals. As you begin to extend your social circle, bring your dog to get them comfortable. Group daycare is not suited for your dog unless he or she can often endure huge groups of animals and social circumstances.

Pet daycare is not a substitute for appropriate socialization. If you have time before returning to work, try enrolling your dog in obedience lessons or a similar sort of training group to teach him how to behave and play with other dogs properly. If you require daytime care for your unsocialized dog right now, see your veterinarian about day boarding. That way, your pet will have its own cage and may still get enough of walks and care throughout the day without jeopardizing anyone’s safety.

How to Choose the Best Dog Daycare for Your Pet?

Doggy daycare may be a dream come true for well-socialized canines that like playing with other dogs and meeting new ones. Once you’ve decided that your dog is prepared, it’s time for some study and development – detective work. Each dog is unique, as are daycare institutions. Options range from highly staffed, cutting-edge commercial daycare centers to tiny, personal in-home daycare settings. You know your pet better than anyone else, so your duty is to get as many facts and answers as possible from each prospective daycare to determine which one is the greatest fit for your pet’s individual needs, energy level, and personality. Here are some details to consider while looking for a dog daycare.


How will your dog spend the day? Group facilities sometimes include all-day play or playing with scheduled sleep periods, which can be beneficial for younger or older dogs. Some facilities separate dogs based on size and energy level, while others mix everyone together or just segregate small and large dogs. When you visit the daycare, do you find it fun or rigid? Orderly or chaotic? Keep in mind that the habits and expectations that dogs learn at daycare frequently follow them home, for better or worse. So, go for a daycare with a structure you aspire to, rather than one you can merely endure so that you can be at ease yyour beloved pet is loved and cared like home.

Safety Measures

Naturally, you want your dog to be safe at any daycare. However, be mindful that dogs like playing, so small scratches and bruises may occur on occasion. Even the most well-behaved dogs may be a touch harsh at times.
However, there is a significant distinction between this, and a major injury caused by violence or fighting. So, check out what procedures the daycare has in place to keep all canines safe. Ask the institution about their methods for avoiding, documenting, and treating wounds, as well as their perspective on consequence and corrective actions.
Cleanliness, health, and safety requirements are important characteristics of a good daycare. You want a pet daycare that not only meets but surpasses the mandated state standards and criteria.
Examine the daycare’s health requirements to see how much priority it pays on safeguarding dogs from health and safety hazards.

In terms of cleanliness, inspect the daycare’s ground surfaces both inside and out. Indoors, concrete and linoleum are popular surfaces due to their ease of cleaning and disinfecting.

How Will I Know Whether My Dog Enjoys Daycare?

If your dog becomes thrilled as you pull into the parking lot, that’s a good indication. If your dog does not glance back when the staff person removes the leash from you, that is even better. If your dog is hesitant to get out of the car or appears unwilling to go inside, it is time to take her somewhere else. If the facility provides daily report cards, read what they have to say; if not, ask the personnel during pickup. If your dog spends a considerable part of the day in the corner or in time-out, they are alerting you about group daycare isn’t suitable for them.
Dogs that attend daycare should sleep well at night. You could notice that they are less devoted to you in the evening, preferring to place themselves on the sofa and observe the home from there.

Enroll Your Pet Today at
Fancy Furry Pets Care

If you’re seeking for the best pet daycare near me, Fancy Furry Pet Care is your top pick in Dubai. Enroll your pet in our great daycare program to ensure they receive the care and attention they need. Fancy Furry Pet Care offers a secure, exciting, and supportive environment in which your pet can thrive. Our comprehensive daycare services are tailored to each pet’s specific needs, ensuring they enjoy the ideal combination of play, exercise, and rest.

By choosing Fancy Furry Pet Care, you are joining a community that cares about your pet’s well-being. Our pleasant and competent team is committed to make every day joyful and stress-free for your pet. We keep you updated about your pet’s actions and experiences throughout the day by providing regular updates and maintaining open communication.

Contact us now to learn more about our services or to set up a visit to our facilities. We encourage you to see our cutting-edge facilities, meet our team, and learn firsthand why so many pet owners entrust us with their precious family members.

With Fancy Furry Pet Care, you can rest certain that your pet is in the finest possible hands, having a day full of fun, love, and care. Don’t wait—enroll your pet today and allow them to play, socialize, and grow in a loving and safe environment. Your pet will appreciate you!


We confirm several things before enrolling, we ask confirmation of current vaccinations, a completed enrollment form, and a brief temperament assessment to verify your pet is a suitable fit for our daycare setting.

To schedule a visit or tour, please contact us by phone or email. We invite all pet owners to come to our facility and meet our staff before enrolling their dogs.

Our daycare program at Fancy Furry Pets Care, offers supervised playing, socializing with other dogs, exercise exercises, and interactive games. We also give leisure breaks so that pets don’t become over-exerted.

Safety is our primary priority at Fancy Furry Pets Care Dubai. We keep the facility clean and secure, utilize safe and pet-friendly equipment, and our employees are educated in pet first aid and CPR. We also separate pets based on size and temperament to avoid any confrontations.

Yes, we provide updates via text or email and even share images of your pet throughout the day. You can also phone us at any time during business hours to check on your pet for your satisfaction.

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Pets Day Care

When you select Fancy Furry Pet Care for Day Care, rest assured that your beloved pets will enjoy engaging activities, attentive care, and the highest level of enjoyment throughout their day.

Pet Grooming

Fancy Furry Pet Care equips talented groomers who perform best pet grooming services for your furry friends from basic bathing to specialised grooming services for different breeds.

Pets Boarding

When you choose Fancy Furry Pet Care for Pet Boarding, you can be sure that your furry companions will have fun, care, and ultimate entertainment.

Pet Grooming

Fancy Furry Pet Care equips talented groomers who perform best pet grooming services for your furry friends from basic bathing to specialised grooming services for different breeds.


At Fancy Furry Pet Care, we specialise in the best cat grooming Dubai and guarantee to provide the best we could offer to your feline companion.


Boarding is not a stressful experience for your feline friend if they are provided with the safest hands like our professional pet care service provider.


We are the best dog grooming center in Dubai offering clipping, scissor work, ear cleaning, brushing, hand stripping, and more, keeping your canine friend clean and healthy.


When you choose Fancy Furry Pet Care for Pet Boarding, you can be sure that your furry companions will have fun, care, and ultimate entertainment.


We have the best dog hotel in Dubai offering 24/7 dog care services. As the best dog boarding in Dubai, we offer premium pet care service along with daily outdoor and indoor activities.

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Choose your services from Fancy Furry Pets Care, we promise to keep your furry companion healthy and offer endless joy with us all day, every day.

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We are very passionate about pet care services and our wide range of services includes pet grooming, pet boarding, pet daycare, pet training, pet relocation and more. Our certified professionals understand the important role that your furry friend plays in your life, and that is why we promise the best care and love for all pets like they were our own.
We offer complete services on our premises which make them play, exercise, feed, groom, and more so that you can have peace of mind while you are away. We’re here to provide the best experience for you and your pets, ensuring safety and happiness in all its forms.
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